'Alex' Alexander C Teves 6/1/88 - 7/20/12 
Beloved son, brother, friend, mentor.
Photo property of Teves Family.
Donations to Alexander C Teves ACT Foundation are facilitated through Denver Educational Enterprises LLC, 501c3 and are tax deductible. 

The ACT Foundation was created to continue the work Alex Teves conducted at Humanex Academy and his passion for helping others reach their true potential through emotional support, counseling and education. 

"ACT scholarships and programs give students with unique needs the greatest opportunity to learn and thrive in a setting tailored for their success." 

Alex at HumanexAcademy
Photo property of 
Teves Family

Growing up with two younger brothers, working with students came naturally to him. Alex dedicated many hours at Humanex Academy conducting individual, group and crisis counseling to students and their families as well as mentoring troubled youth. 

We thank you for your generous gift to students in need, and for honoring Alex's true spirit of "always helping others." -The Teves Family & Humanex Academy 

Your tax deductible donation to Alexander C Teves ACT Foundation, facilitated by Denver Educational Enterprises LLC 501(c)3  directly benefits HumanexAcademy educational scholarships and opportunities for students.